A network built to support the families of children with cancer by a family who had a child with cancer

Join the Cocoon network created by UK registered charity “It’s Never You” in honour of Hugh Menai-Davis


Engage with other people who are experiencing a similar journey. Share stories and experiences that are relevant to you


Whether you are just starting on the journey with your child or through the treatment we are here to support


learn from experts in various fields that can help you on your journey from mental and physical well being to financial help

Leverage the power of Cocoon:

New research and developments

Find out about new approaches, treatments and ways of coping delivered by our panel of experts.

Physical wellbeing

Ways to ensure that you stay physically fit and well despite long hours in hospitals and treatment rooms

Mental wellbeing

Ways to keep you focused and positive at a time when your mental health is very fragile

Financial help/information

Guidance, advice and support in managing the cost of care

Live Q&A with experts on our Facebook page

Speak to the experts and ask the burning questions that you have not been able to find an answer for

Information delivered via podcasts

Hear the stories of others who are in the same situation as you, find out how they manage, what works for them and what might be helpful for you

Tips and advice on sleep and stress management

Useful tips and suggestions to help you sleep better and cope with stress

Emotional support

Your child needs you to be emotionally strong, we will provide help and support to make sure this is the case

Practical every day tips on living with a child having treatment for cancer

All the things you need to know, from the very little to the very significant, provided by experts and people like you